Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ring Homepage and Navigability

A few comments before we continue ...

1. If Blogger is running slowly today, you could try the mirror homepage for the ring, located here, on another server which might be running a little more quickly. The mirror homepage and the blog have the same ring code, and the pages are thoroughly interlinked, so returning to your ring shouldn't be a problem.

2. So long as the members of the ring use the assigned code, you should have no trouble returning to one of the rings to which this ring belongs. Just click on the link marked "rings", and you should be sent to a page with the needed code.

3. Yes, this homepage is hosted on the update blog for the ring. Blogger is a well established host with excellent up time, reducing the likelihood that I and the managers of the rings to which this belongs will be unpleasantly surprised to discover that the rings have been broken because my host went out of business or just flaked out. Sure, one could say much the same about Webring Webspace, which is one reason why I like using it, but these rings of mine are not hosted on Webring.com, so the use of Webring Webspace for the hosting of this particular page would leave me on possibly shaky ground. With Blogger, there is no possibility of a TOS issue arising.

4. Pretend that you don't see the Ringsurf ring. I'm phasing it out of existence, because the Ringsurf system is broken and said company refuses to so much as respond to the problem reports. When trying to manage the ring or update a ring membership, I've found that whenever I've clicked "save", the Ringsurf system has logged me out without saving the changes. This has been going on for over a year, with, as I've said, no response from the company, so I'm giving up on Ringsurf.

The only reason I haven't cut all of the links, all at once, is because I've found that the search engines respond poorly to sudden changes.

Continuing onward to more interesting matters ...